I think this current political climate is effecting the actual climate.

I imagine Russia wants oil burning cars to stay. The warmer the artic gets the better they have it. They sell oil and would like the artic ocean ice free. I think Russia kind of wants global warming. Imagine we have a cold war because Russia wants to influence the weather by making everyone burn oil all over the world at the same time at a key moment in the yearly weather patterns. Then I imagine the effects of soot production of burning oil products all over the Atlantic and Europe . Is it artificially inflating the water content and soot content figures across russia in any meaningful way. Clouds hold in heat at night and prevent further cooling. What effect is all the added hydrocarbon emissions and heat have on Russia's weather? Any nuclear exchange would be counter productive to Russia's current construction projects. I think the only way out of this is forwards. We need to develop safe cheap fusion core batteries so oil is no longer needed to survive in the artic.

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