Official Data: In Terms Of Precipitation; In Austria There’s Been No Climate Change At All In 140 Years

The Austrian Alps have seen no trend change in terms of precipitation since 1880, official data show. 

Climate alarmists have climate horror scenarios for every corner of the globe, and that includes the Austrian Alps. Climate models warn that snow will disappear soon and even gravely harm the ski industry unless we vaccinate the climate against CO2!

No water water scarcity or pollution

In his most recent video, Austrian ski industry researcher Günther Aigner looks if it’s true that there’s been a trend towards water scarcity in the Alps.

Moreover, he looks at the question of whether or not manmade snow production is taking water away water from residents and farmers in the Alps.

The findings:

No trend change in 140 years!

Concerning precipitation trends  and using data from Austria’s weather and climate agencies, Aigner finds there’s been no trend in precipitation for the famous Arlberg ski region since data began to be recorded 140 years ago.

The same is mostly true for all of Austria.

official data in terms of precipitation in austria theres been no climate change at all in 140 years

Chart cropped here.

On the question of snow-making’s impact on the local water budget, Aigner says that careful water management practices are used, and: “The water that we use for manmade snow production is neither disappearing nor is it polluted. After the snow has melted, it goes back into the local cycle.”

In summary, there’s been no climate change in terms of precipitation since 1880, and manmade snowmaking is not harming the local water cycle.

Nothing is collapsing and there’s no doom in sight (on the climate front, at least) in Austria.

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