Personal opinion on fighting global warming..

So well, having seen the news. Documentaries and some articles.

Personally, I don't really see the earth as even a slight possiblility of getting better. Like, the world leaders are still in disagreement, and that alone. Isn't even talking about all the corperations that would agree to fixing said issue.

Now, I'll go to some rough waters as I call it. As, it to me already seems to be too late to change the earth from heating up. Even if we stop polluting now the damage is already done and wer'e pretty much gonna burn.

We ALSO need to be able to reverse said change and fast. Like take back the damaging gasses, and let's also not forget that algae actually make the most oxygen for the earth and not trees..

All in all what I am getting at, is that. Even working together as a singular group of people. We still can't change the world. (working alone as a group seems magical already..) We would iether as believers in a higher power would say a "miracle" or some alien like highly advanced tech. That solve our problem.

If not, were all f….

Not trying to be nihilistic, just well is how I see it is all.

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