Raised super conservative, generally curious and looking for non biased info on global warming.

Most of my family still doesn't believe in it. My dad says in his 60 years on this planet there's been tons of "doom and gloom" first it was global cooling, then warming, then asteroids blah blah blah. I know the planet cools and warms over thousands of years and that's natural. I also know that the US is not the biggest issue when it comes to man made global warming. We are a part, but not the biggest. Which doesn't mean it doesn't matter, anything helps at this point. I'm just looking for info , from some non biased sources, to show statistics on how we as humans are affecting this. And what can be done. I'm not looking to get flamed over this, I'm genuinely curious and would hope you respect my curiosity. I'm ignorant, but I want to learn.

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