The first year that I realise global warming is real and it is very tragic

I live in a temperate climate area and there used to be winters with -10°C during the day and even -20°C at night around 10 years ago. I remember going out as a child and see so much snow around me. Cold didn't bother me and I enjoyed it so much.

This is the first year that winter didn't really come. There are temperatures around 0°C. No snow. There were only three or four days since winter started that actually had snow. Nothing in rest.

It hit me when I realised that this winter will probably without snow..that the climate is changing and I might not be able to enjoy some things I did in the past.

Then after all these thoughts I found out about the Australian tragedy and it hit me again. After the Amazonian forests that burned, this was just another thing that made me feel like life will become terrible and to be honest I don't know what reason I have to live because the future seems so awful and the Earth unsalvageable from destruction.

One thing that makes me so angry is that while people fight to save forests in my country there is a lot of illegal deforestation. It makes me so angry to know that this kind of people don't realise the harm that they do and keep selling illegal wood when we need it so bad. There are people who are upset about selective recycling and why they should do it. People who don't realise that oil won't just disappear after they throw it in the sink. Companies that don't care about the environment.

I guess I wrote this paragraph because I hoped someone here will tell me how things can be better because I only see the worst in the future.

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