The USPS, junk mail, and the boomer generation

I've been listening to my girlfriend talk about her job as a mail carrier. A couple times per month the carriers have to deliver "Redplum" brand junk mail. This is the one with a bunch of coupons and it's on newspaper type paper. It's delivered to literally every address. The USPS doesn't make a profit, it's a service. That's not what I'm here discussing. There is so much paper, burned gas and manpower that goes into getting junk mail out. If it was younger people buying into these things (encouraging more junk mail) then the solution would be easy. Just scan a postcard sized code with your phone and see all the junk mail and coupons. It's older folks encouraging it. They pay bills by snail mail, want paper bills, etc. They don't use the internet or at least don't trust it for a variety of tasks. Most people don't really think about the impact of having hundreds of thousands of carriers driving to every house in the US 6 days per week. There are important functions of the USPS and people receiving mail, but 99% of it is just garbage or could easily be handled online. I see a huge company that used to serve a vital function, now reduced to peddling junk mail and making money for schemers ripping off grandma. Again, not even turning a profit and heavily tax subsidized. Who's paying for all that junk? We are. Delivery of parcels and important mail is necessary and not what I'm discussing here. If the company was leaner, used electric vehicles when replacing their fleet (they opted not to), and didn't take contracts delivering junk mail for pennies, they could show a new more environmentally cleaner image. Before email and the internet, mail was everything. Now we have options. When I get junk email I have the option to unsubscribe. If that option exists for junk mail I'm unaware of it as are most people. Any time I discuss the USPS on Reddit I get a bunch of angry employees who probably feel like my point of view threatens their job. My point of view has nothing to do with mass layoffs, just a more environmentally conscious FEDERAL fortune 500 company. Please weigh in with your thoughts. Thanks for reading.

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