World Leading Microbiologist Warns mRNA Vaccines May Have Opened Gates Of Immunological Hell

No scientist has been as outspoken and emphatic about the dangers of mRNA vaccines as microbiologist Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi.

Doctors for COVID Ethics here have released his latest video message to the world.

Bhakdi has issued extremely dire warnings, based on recent data from leading pathologists.

Bhakdi has been warning about the new mRNA vaccines for over a year.

In his latest video, he describes what pathologists have been finding in vaccinated patients who have died shortly after being injected with mRNA vaccines. The spike protein producing MRNA nanoparticles are attacking organs in a significant number of patients. Bhakdi even goes to say that what governments and health authorities are doing is tantamount to lining kids up against the wall.

It’s a shocking assessment, and even if just half true, it would have to go down as mass scale negligent homicide.

On photos that pathologists have released, Bhakdi comments: “You politicians, you authorities – look at these pictures! Look at the people who have died. These people have been killed because of you. I can’t stand it!”


“The proof is there! Laid out for the world”


“Your lymphocytes and the cells that are responsible for immune control of your body are dying. They are dying!”

He also warns of outbreaks of tuberculosis and cancer due to an immune system that has been damaged by the vaccines.

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